Good question with not such an easy answer!

If you’ve ever gone bra shopping and come home with one that doesn’t fit right, you know how frustrating the experience can be. A proper-fitting bra can make a woman look taller, slimmer and mostly importantly feel a whole lot more COMFORTABLE.

But if you’re like most women, the chances are that you’re wearing the wrong size. Our loyal Tuffetts staff are some of our best product testers… So, we decided to get them all professionally fitted and low and behold 7 out of 10 were wearing the wrong sizes. Crazy, right!

Most women buy bras that are too big simply because we associate looseness with comfort. However, your bra should fit firmly and offer maximum support at all times. Instead of settling for a bra that’s “good enough” make sure you find one that is perfect for you.

How to take Your Measurements!

1.Stand up straight in a relaxed position, just make sure you don’t hold your breath or inhale and expand your rib cage.

2.Use a soft tape measure and place it right beneath your breasts, measure all the way around your body. Now, here’s a trick you need to add FIVE to that number! (round it up if necessary to the next even number) This figure is known as your ‘band size’


3.The next step is to work out your ‘cup size’. While you are wearing your current bra, you need to measure around the fullest part of your bust (this is usually across the nipple) and take the tape around your entire back as well. Just make sure your not pulling the tape measure too tight.

4.The final trick is to subtract this number from your ‘band size’ which you did in step 2 and this will give you your cup size

5.Use the chart below to convert that number into a cup size

• 0=AA

• 1=A

• 2=B

• 3=C

• 4=D

• 5=DD

• 6=DDD

Here's what to check for next!

When putting on your bra, bend over a little and let your breasts ‘fall’ into the cups. Then straighten up slowly and adjust the bra band so it feels comfortable.Now put your hand into each cup and raise your nipple to the center of the cup. The middle of the bra cup should lie flat against the breastbone… Just make sure there is no gap!

Lastly, turn to your side and look in the mirror to see whether the back of the bra is lifting or uneven. If it’s bowing or uneven, then the bra isn’t fitting you correctly. The back strap of the bra should ALWAYS rest comfortably against the middle of your back.

Take good care of your bras! Once you’ve made your purchase, it's up to you to take good care of your bras. It's best to hand wash, but I think we’re all guilty of putting them in the washing machine so just make sure they are in a lingerie bag for maximum protection. Always air dry them and NEVER put your bras in the dryer!

With all these tips in mind, we hope your next bra shopping experience will be your best yet!

Much Love,

Team Tuffys & Tuffetts xx

Lisa Nouh