Aussie Made Tuffys & Tuffetts™ Proudly Supporting Bowel Cancer Australia!

Tuffys & Tuffetts™ are very excited to announce their support for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month by donating $5.00 from each pair of underwear sold from the Tuffys & Tuffetts™ Bowel Cancer Underwear Collection to the charity.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is an annual initiative of Bowel Cancer Australia running throughout the month of June, to raise public awareness of a disease which claims the lives of 77 Australians every week.

It doesn’t take a large stretch to see why bowel cancer and underpants make a great partnership so Tuffys & Tuffetts™ knew this was a perfect opportunity to play an important role in building the awareness for this disease because everybody needs underwear, right!

Close to 15,000 Australian men and women are diagnosed with this disease every year. If found early 90% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully, however fewer than 40% are detected early.

Tuffys & Tuffetts™ are hoping the collection gives everyone the opportunity to buy a pair of 100% Aussie Made underwear to help raise bowel cancer awareness during this very important month in a fun and cheeky way and best of all show their support all year round! The new Bowel Cancer Underwear provides the perfect reminder for everyone when they slip into their minty green underwear each day to ask themselves “Am I at risk”?

  "We'd really love to see Australian's feel confident enough to talk about this disease and share their family history with each other because a recent study revealed more than 60% of us feel this conversation is off limits, so this is what we need to change."

 The exclusive Tuffys & Tuffetts™ Bowel Cancer Underwear is available online at for $19.95 and we offer Free Shipping Australia Wide.


Tuffys Boxers range from size S - XXXL and Tuffetts Briefs range from size 8 – 22 so we have something for everyone.

Show your support today!

Much Love,

Tuffys & Tuffetts xx