Despite being known as a nation of fluoro-wearing, ute-driving handymen, Australian men aren’t as DIY savvy as once thought!

After surveying 1000 Australians, only two in five men admitted to owning a fully stocked toolbox and a quarter claimed they have had to ask a tradie to help them finish a DIY job. Surprisingly, a quarter of Aussies have never used a power tool before.

Not having a fully stocked toolbox could be cause for concern especially when it comes to the ladies, with two out of five Australian women claiming they find tradies SEXY!

The research was undertaken to find out just how handy Aussie men are ahead of the launch of our new range Under-Vis™ the World’s first high-vis undies allowing every man to tap into their inner tradie :)

NRL superstar and Under-Vis™ ambassador Beau Ryan said: “It sounds like we Aussie blokes need all the help we can get to regain our handyman reputation. If wearing a pair of Under-Vis™ gets me one step closer to being a tradie, then count me in for sure! My wife loves it!”



Other interesting facts from the research reveals grim news for Gen-Yers and South Australian blokes:

• Two thirds of Gen-Yers don’t own a toolbox and two in five have never used a power tool!

• Respondents in Darwin and regional Victoria clearly have a thing for fluoro with 67 percent and 40 percent respectively claiming tradies are sexy…

• 69 percent of men in the ACT have a fully stocked toolbox compared to 32 percent in Adelaide..

• 28 percent of Melbourne DIYers have had to call in the professionals to complete the, complete a DIY project compared to 10 percent of folk in Hobart…

The Under-Vis™ range is also manufactured with MEMRIC™ - Memory Fabric Technology which responds to temperature stimulation ensuring the fabric returns back to its original shape after being worn and washed so this is an extra added bonus…

Jump online and check out the new range at and remember Stay Safe with Under-Vis™

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Team Tuffys & Tuffetts xx

Lisa Nouh